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Cougar The Musical

By Donna Moore

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Real and theatrical worlds collide in a zany backstage story about actors staging a ridiculous updating of Euripides’ Ion, which certain audience members find so moving that they are compelled to leap into the action.


“It is filled with original melodies…The script reflects considerable imagination and contains a few knowing jokes.”
– New York Times

“Like a woman who tries to have it all, Cougar The Musical has a lot going on. The 90-minute off-Broadway tuner is funny, raucous, sweetly sentimental and romantic. And women, mostly women of a certain age, are likely to fall under its life-affirming spell.” – NY1

Available for licensing through Concord Theatricals.



Dramaturgy: Great Roles for Actors

  • Journey of discovery, through the fears of aging to new life and sense of self worth

  • Broadway caliber talent: Brenda Braxton (Chicago, Smokey Joe’s Cafe), Catherine Porter (Next to Normal, Sunset Boulevard), Babs Winn and Danny Bernardy

  • Music by Donna Moore, with Mark Barkan, Meryl Leppard, John Baxindine, Seth Lefferts and Arnie Gross. Book by Donna Moore.

  • Directed by TONY-nominated Lynne Taylor-Corbett

Story Elements: Universal Appeal

  • Popular subject of books, television and film

  • Time Magazine selected “cougar” as #1 buzz word for 2007

  • Articles including Cougar! in Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Daily News

  • Cougar Town TV series ABC and TBS

  • The Graduate: Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman

  • Target audience is perfect for theatre: women 40+ the ticket buyers

  • Hilarious, soulful and sexy tale of women’s empowerment, discovering anew the essence of love and self-worth.

Cost: Modest Production

  • Low-running costs: four actors, unit set, two-piece band

  • Built for Off Broadway, sit-downs and tours across the country

  • Low-cost development through cabaret

Significant subsidiary Market Potential

  • Region and amateur theaters around the world

  • Productions in the U.K., Korea, Denmark and around the U.S.

Available for licensing through Concord Theatricals

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