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Dearest Cousin

by Enid Rudd

Dearest Cousin, by Enid Rudd, is a rare theatrical experience that explores one of the great human conflicts of the last millennium – the rivalry between Elizabeth the First of England and Mary, Queen of Scots. This exciting new play is a modern interpretation of an imagined relationship between the two queens as they meet in secret over 20 years’ time.

Dearest Cousin has all the ingredients of great drama – jealousy, humor, revenge, controversy, passion, religious fervor complicated by love and longing. The play is steeped in history and sheds new light on the human battle of these women seeking to rule in a man’s world. Dearest Cousin is a brand new take on a timeless story that has fascinated audiences for centuries.


Dramaturgy:  Great Roles for Actresses

  • Remarkable historical figures

  • Bravura roles

  • Attractive to leading talent

Story Elements: Powerful Script

  • Peerless Enemies Decreed by Fate

    Intimate, human and witty exploration of power and rivalry

  • Highest StoryLine Project rating

  • Proven playwright — Enid Rudd

  • Broadway, West End, National Tour, Regionals, Television

Cost: Modest Budget

  • Two actresses, two understudies

  • Two suggested sets


Marketing: Significant Subsidiary Market Potential

  • First commercial production

  • North American/British theatrical royalties

  • Film/TV rights potential

Audience Response

  • “CONGRATULATIONS!  Dearest Cousin is going to be just delightful.”

  • “…carefully, intelligently and extremely well written

  • ...a great story!”

  • “Powerful piece…” “…funny and engaging…” “…fascinating…”

  • “I liked it very much – would love to see it on its feet”

  • “Interesting take on the characters…I liked the conceit of the backwards revelations.”

  • “…I liked and was intrigued by Dearest Cousin.  I really like how each of the characters professed to be something completely different from what was evidenced by her behavior …”

  • “…should be a very successful production.”  

Press: – Two Tony Winners Star in Reading of Dearest Cousin – Ebersole and Ivey to Star in Reading of Dearest Cousin

Cindy Adams – Classic Tale of Power, Greed Coming To B’way


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