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 Our Selection Process

  The company seeks to recommend a play if it fulfills the following criteria:

  1. Dramaturgy 

  • Great roles for actors — bravura roles attractive to leading talent

   2. Story Elements

  • Powerful, well-crafted script — well written, telling a dynamic story

   3. Potential Audience/Market

  • Universal market appeal — of interest to a large potential audience

  • Significant subsidiary market opportunity — first production leading to worldwide royalties and rights for the investors

   4. Cost to Produce


  • Modest budget — smaller casts, simple scenery


  With recommended scripts, SLP takes an advocacy stance and champions scripts by:

  • Recommending and promoting scripts to appropriate theatre and production companies

  • Working with playwrights to develop plays

  • Optioning appropriate candidates for production

  • Raising production capital,

  • Producing the best of The Project’s findings

  • Working with other producers to bring new projects to the stage

  • Leveraging productions to a wider audience through other media.

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