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Crazy Money

By Alexander Ostrovsky,
adapted by Stephen Mulrine

As a lark, Telyatev and Glumov introduce the mysterious provincial Vasilkov as a wealthy businessman to the Cheboksarovas whose sources of income have dried up and whose debts have mounted. Vasilkov falls for beautiful Lidiya and they marry. When Vasilkov discovers the amount of debt they have incurred he adopts cost-containment measures that infuriate Lidiya and she leaves him. More debts mount and there is no place to turn but to Vasilkov who agrees to take Lidiya back as his provincial housekeeper on a trial basis.


Dramaturgy: Great Roles. Great Material

  • Ensemble actors dream

  • Richly-drawn characters face new entrepreneurialism overtaking late 19th century Russia

  • Clash of cultures 

Story Elements: Universal Appeal

  • Rediscovered classic comedy

  • Wonderful character-driven farce

  • Familiar story in new and unusual setting — based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew

  • Analogy to recent speculation in the U.S.

Cost: Modest Budget

  • Can be done with only eight actors

  • Four sets, one suggested

Marketing: Significant Ancillary Market

  • First commercial production

  • U.S. theatrical royalties – potential regional theatre staple

  • Potential film/TV rights

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