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Reading Series

In the fall of 2000, after 4 years of script analysis on more than 100 plays, the StoryLine Project launched a five-part reading series of full-length and one-act plays. The talent of the actors and directors involved who brought the plays to life contributed tremendously to their impact. The series, presented on consecutive Sundays, was well attended by theatre professionals and the general public. The members of the StoryLine Project were pleased by the enthusiastic response and thoughtful feedback from the audience.

This positive feedback provided confirmation that the StoryLine Project’s process of careful and extensive script analysis was successful in identifying a number of quality plays. The next step for the StoryLine Project is working towards full productions of the most promising of these plays.

The Storyline Project continues to search for and evaluate other worthy scripts. Annual reading series will establish this component as an integral part of SLP’s process.

The reading series took place in October and November 2000. Read responses to the five plays of this first StoryLine Project Reading Series.

Reading series announcement:

The StoryLine Project is proud to have presented its first public reading series. Five plays were selected over the past year and were presented over a series of evenings during October and November 2000 in New York City. Each Sunday evening a new play was read. The plays were open to the public and were presented free of charge. Presented in the series were an eclectic selection of plays representing new and established playwrights:

Crazy Money, by Alexander Ostrovsky, translated by Stephen Mulrine
When the Blues Chase Up a Rabbit, by 
Rubén Sierra
Windows, by Susan Bigelow-Marsh
Chemo-Therapy, by Anita Donovan
Old Dog, by Joshua James
Dearest Cousin, by Enid Rudd

The readings were rehearsed, sit-down readings and open to the public; the actors and directors involved were professional. Each play had a single reading at the Directors Company Studio in midtown Manhattan. Please see Reading Series Schedule.

This reading series launched The StoryLine Project. Our goal from the readings was to consider optioning one or more of the plays for a future New York production and begin developing an audience.

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